FINANCE AVAILABLE: Get your new conservatory with a convenient payment plan
FREE FRAMES: Get FREE frames on all orders
FINANCE AVAILABLE: Get your new conservatory with a convenient payment plan
FINANCE AVAILABLE: Get your new conservatory with a convenient payment plan
FREE FRAMES: Get FREE frames on all orders

Terms & Conditions

Sandford Warm Roofs Limited Terms and Conditions

1. All agreed terms of contract between the customer (you the buyer) and the company (Sandford Warm Roofs ltd) are contained in this document, unless otherwise agreed in writing with a signature of both parties.

2. This contract is conditional upon a satisfactory report by the company’s surveyor. Upon receiving the survey report the company has the right by written notice to the customer to cancel the contract. The company if it so chooses may cancel the contract in all respects, without liability on either side, except that the company.

3. Once a deposit has been paid by the customer to Sandford Warm Roofs ltd both parties have entered into a verbal contract, at this point only if the contract is cancelled in writing within 7 days that Sandford Warm Roofs Ltd will return any deposit paid by the customer without interest, unless the roof has gone to manufacture and 3rd party materials have been ordered and delivered to our factory.

4. The customer agrees access to the premises at reasonable times to facilitate the carrying out and completion of the contract and the schedule of works. All works by Sandford will be carried out continuously unless where sub-contractors are used for plastering and electrics.

5. The contract and delivery dates are made subject to the conditions that fires, strikes or other causes beyond the control of the company do not interfere with the execution and the company shall not be held responsible for any loss incurred by the customer arising from any delay beyond the control of the company. All installation dates are made in good faith however dates may have to be altered due to weather and must therefore stay flexible.

6. Delayed installations, which are requested by the customer, may be subject to a price increase if a period of more than 24 weeks has elapsed since the date of this order before the products are installed. It is not our intention to increase prices after the 24 week period, however some economic factors may cause this to be necessary, for example, an increase in labour costs or material costs may prevail at that time.

7. The companies representatives are authorised to collect cheques or cash payment on behalf of the company. Deposit payments shall be paid on acceptance of a quotation. If the survey carried out does not meet the recommended requirements for a replacement roof or windows then your deposit will be returned minus 5% for costs incurred.

Sandford Warm Roofs work on stage payments which are detailed below as standard unless agreed or changed mutually between the company and the customer.
Deposit 15% (this covers CPA, Building Regs, and some costs to make the roof)
Stage 1 Payment 35% (Payable on delivery of product to site)
Stage 2 payment 35% (Payable once the main structure has been erected up to roof felt)
Stage 3 Payment 10% (Payable once roof & everything has been done to plastering stage)

Completion Payment 5% once job has been completed.

The company reserves the right to charge interest on outstanding balances that are overdue to a rate of 5% per month over the prevailing base lending rate at the date of contract as issued by HSBC Bank Plc.

Sandford Warm Roofs accepts the following payments:
Credit or Debit Cards by phone or in person at our factory. (Credit Card payments a maximum spend of £5,000.00).
All cheques are to be made out to Sandford Warm Roofs Ltd
Bank Transfer:-
Sandford Warm Roofs
Sort:- 40-47-09
Account:- 21898760

8. All products in our contracts are bespoke made to order and manufactured to specific installations, it must be clearly understood that this is a binding contract and not subject to cancellation by the customer under any circumstances once the manufacturing process has started.
All keys for new windows and doors will be provided to the customer on the completion of works and final payment received.

9. All Materials and goods supplied by the company shall not pass to the customer until payment has been made in full under the terms of the contract to the company.

10. LIEN: in respect of all amounts due to the seller (the company) from the buyer (the customer) under any contract the seller shall have general lien upon any goods or property of the buyer in either the buyer or the sellers possession, and shall after a period of 10 days notice to the buyer be entitled to recover such goods by legal means and be entitled to dispose of such goods or property for cash and apply the proceeds towards any payment amounts outstanding to the company.

11. All conservatory frames are supplied with the larger outer frame size and reinforced. Our roof windows are quoted as Liteleader Eco who are associated with Velux and come in a standard colour of Anthracite Grey externally and White or pine internally. Blinds can also be supplied and fitted with these windows. The company will quote Velux if the customer requires electronic opening/closing or electronic blinds.

12. The glass used cannot necessarily be perfection guaranteed. There are certain phenomenon’s that occur in glass, and a variety of the processes used to produce your glass that is deemed to be acceptable level of quality. Details of these are given in the terms and conditions we receive from our glass suppliers and are available upon request.

13. The company is unable to guarantee to remove any objects, panes or existing structures intact and without damage where they were required to be retained by the customer.

14. Where any hardwood, softwood or other timber materials have been installed and customer shall be responsible for their proper maintenance.

15. Where lead work has been installed, the customer shall be responsible for its proper maintenance.

16. The company will always attempt to keep the site area tidy and safe during the installation. The company is not responsible for any re-landscaping of the garden areas or other land adjacent to the new conservatory roof other than that mentioned in the details of the contract. All due care and attention will be taken to create as little disturbance and damages as are practically possible during the installation.

17. The company accepts no responsibility for damages arising from structural or other defects in your existing building and cannot be responsible for not having anticipated such defects in advance of the installation.

18. The survey carried out by our company is for the purpose of replacing a conservatory roof, Window and Door frames and is not a structural or building survey of your existing property.

19. The company acknowledges that the customer’s rights to cancel this contract under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 are in no way affected.

20. To maintain continual improvement in our products, the company reserves the right to amend or alter the product specification and the components within the products from time to time. The company is not bound to refer to the customer when such changes occur.9. The company acknowledges that the customer’s rights to cancel this contract under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 are in no way affected.

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